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Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrats work hard to represent people across the borough of Tunbridge Wells. We cover Tunbridge Wells, Southborough, Paddock Wood, Pembury and Hawkhurst, as well as all of the villages in between.

Latest News from Tunbridge Wells Lib Dems

  • Cllr Clark and Cllr Mortimer River Medway Pathway alongside Bridge Mill Way Play Area
    Article: Feb 18, 2015

    The green light has been given for the two major pathway projects in Tovil with financing secured by Liberal Democrat Kent County Councillor Brian Clark from KCC's Small Community Capital Project scheme. Further to these funds, Councillor Clark is contributing top up funding from his devolved budget to help deliver the two schemes outlined below:

  • Article: Feb 15, 2015

    On Thursday next year's budget was discussed and decided. Martin Vye, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Children's Services, urged the Council to put more money into helping vulnerable families.

    He said "Kent social workers are doing a heroic job making sure neglected and abused children are properly looked after. But the need is great. Last year the Conservatives tried to cut the budget for Specialist Children's Services. They ended up half way through the year having to put it in an extra £3 million for children who had to be taken into care. It costs the nation £5 billion to keep children in care. It is a national priority to bring in help and support at an early stage before a family's problems become too acute. The Education Secretary at the Early Intervention Foundation Conference highlighted this very point1 . But THIS year the Conservative administration is actually proposing to make a significant cut in the budget for early intervention and prevention."

  • Brian Clark
    Article: Feb 11, 2015

    At the Kent County Council budget debate on Thursday Liberal Democrat County Councillors Brian Clark (Maidstone South) and Rob Bird (Maidstone Central) will be pressing for full night-time lighting of Kent's roads to be reinstated as soon as possible.

    Last year the Conservative Administration adopted their 'Safe and Sensible Street Light' policy which plunged many of the county's roads and passage-ways into darkness for up to 5½ hours each night. Many residents have been very concerned and the scheme did not gain full support from Kent Police. People who need to be out and about in the early hours feel far from safe and there has been some anecdotal evidence of criminals taking advantage of the darkness.

  • Article: Dec 19, 2014

    There has been a marked increase in the number of out of county pupils taking the Kent Test for starting school in September 2015 and being assessed as suitable for grammar school, compared to the previous year. I believe KCC is required to open its test to anyone who applies to be tested and that the authority also receives basic need allocations for the additional school buildings that might be required, but would the Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform please provide further information with regard to this worrying situation, including where the out of county pupils will be offered grammar school places.

  • Article: Dec 19, 2014

    With the backdrop of the Child Sex Scandal in Rotherham and the release of Ofsted's report "The sexual exploitation of children: it couldn't happen here could it", Debbie Jones, Ofsted's National Director for Social Care, said it "cannot be acceptable that local authorities and partners are still failing to grasp and deal with abuse effectively". She stated, "We are calling on all local authorities and their partners to ensure that they have a comprehensive multi-agency strategy and action plan in place to tackle child sexual exploitation,"