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Welcome to Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrats

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Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrats work hard to represent people across the borough of Tunbridge Wells. We cover Tunbridge Wells, Southborough, Paddock Wood, Pembury and Hawkhurst, as well as all of the villages in between.

Latest News from Tunbridge Wells Lib Dems

  • shepway north (Brian Clark)
    Article: Jul 24, 2015

    During the full county council meeting in March, in which a question was posed on part-night street lighting and a 10,000+ signature "Right to Light" petition was debated, the new cabinet member for Environment and Transport, echoed his predecessor in assuring residents, "Going forward we have said that all-night lighting will return as part of the proposal to convert the County Council's entire stock of streetlights to LED".

  • Rob Bird
    Article: Jun 22, 2015

    County Councillor Rob Bird was asked to speak at the formal launch of the Maidstone BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Forum. Rob had previously allocated funds from his KCC member's community fund towards establishing the Forum.

    "Good afternoon,

    I have been asked to tell you why Kent County Council supports the establishment of a BME Forum in Maidstone. I am not sure I can speak on behalf of all the County Council - KCC has 84 councillors and several thousand employees - but I can tell you why I am personally believe the Forum is vital. But first I want to tell you about a couple of recent personal experiences.

  • Trudy Dean
    Article: Jun 11, 2015

    Kent County Councillors were told yesterday that the new Conservative Government is already planning a £200 million cut in national Public Health funding which will mean a cut of £4 million in Kent's Public Health Service.

    Trudy Dean, Lib Dem Group Leader at Kent County Council said:

    "This is an incredibly short sighted cut to services that stop people suffering the misery of falling ill in the first place, and it will cost the taxpayer more in the long run. KCC Public Health work includes providing help to stop smoking to avoid lung cancer, activities to help people to lose weight to avoid diabetes, and support to reduce drinking excessive alcohol to avoid liver and heart disease. All of these painful and life shortening illnesses are preventable for many people and the cost of treating them could be saved. For instance, illness resulting from smoking alone costs Kent's GPs, Hospitals and others over £100 million each year....far more than is taken in tax from the sale of cigarettes. That money alone would pay for new classrooms for over 2,000 children in Kent."

  • Brian Clark
    Article: May 13, 2015

    Following an intense campaign in South and Loose Wards in the Maidstone Borough Elections, and in spite of the national picture, Lib Dem Kent County Councillor Brian Clark and Lib Dem Maidstone Borough Councillor Sue Grigg respectively gained and held the seats in Thursday's election.

    Cllr Brian Clark stated

  • Article: May 11, 2015

    As the membership of Newcastle Liberal Democrats has soared by 20% since the General Election, here are 20 reasons people have put on-line for joining

    • Tonight, I joined @LibDems. Pro-UK, pro-EU, civil liberties, PR, decentralised power, social justice. Easy decision.
    • For a long time I have been trying to find a good party with good values that I can believe. I think that Party is the Lib Dems
    • So enthused by the @LibDems fightback, can't wait to help with the rebuild and getting the message out there
    • Because I believe in a fair, progressive & mature approach to politics, offering freedom & choice to all.
    • I've joined @LibDems to fight for my beliefs: equality, freedom & prosperity for all
    • I've just become a party member for the first time. Get involved to see UK improve
    • I joined the @LibDems because the UK needs a liberal voice now more than ever. The #LibDemFightback is only just beginning.
    • Joined @LibDems because I believe in a fair, inclusive & socially responsible country. Excited to be part of such a positive #fightback
    • I joined the @LibDems before #GE2015 because they are a people's party, not a machine or a club. And because of #democracy #FairVotesNow
    • A fiscally responsible, aspirational, pro-business, pro-EU party with a strong social safety net and action on climate change.
    • Because I want a fair, strong country... also I don't want to lose my human rights
    • Joined the party last night. Treated very unfairly in coalition and sad to see decline of liberalism is UK politics
    • I just joined @LibDems - our country needs a strong liberal voice for decency, equality and fairer society whilst protecting the vulnerable
    • I joined the Inclusive club not the exclusive clubs hope over fear
    • Have voted Lib Dem (and incarnations such as SDP) for 30 years. Joined for 1st time today after watching Tim Farron on YouTube. (Editor's note ; Other leadership candidates may be available!)
    • Because I don't want the UK to be an isolated, out of touch, parochial country.
    • Because of fairer taxes, investment in education, pay rises for public sector workers & fair votes.
    • I joined to take back the centre ground for compassionate economics and a fairer society for all
    • I joined because I believe in the politics of hope, not the politics of fear
    • Because the LibDems believe that we need less division, not more. Liberalism needed now more than ever.